Frequently Asked Questions
The Revolutionary NFC (Near Field Communications) tool designed to help you manage and maintain compliance worldwide.
How can I see a demonstration of FC Safety Shield?
Please view the video above or contact, call 877-665-7233 to request a demonstration from an FC Safety Representative.
Can I read the FC Safety Shield using my phone?
Yes, it is available for all Android devices and iPhones.
I can’t get my phone to read the tag?
For Android devices, please place the center of your phone on top of the tag. For iPhones, hold the top of the phone almost perpendicular to the tag.
How do I activate NFC on Android?
If you have a Samsung Android phone, check under settings > connections > tap NFC and contactless payments > tap the switch to turn NFC on. Once this is turned on for your device, you can adjust your settings for contactless payments and select your preferred mobile payment service, such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay.
Do I need to download the app?
No, all you need to do is hold your phone up to the FC Safety Shield
How is this different from a QR code or Barcode?
The FC Safety Shield contains an NFC chip, which is much more secure than a barcode or QR code.
How do we get FC Safety Shields for our location?
Contact or call 877-665-7233.
How does Near Field Communication work?
The tech involved is deceptively simple: evolved from radio frequency identification (RFID) tech, an NFC chip operates as one part of a wireless link. Once it's activated using your smartphone, small amounts of data between the two devices can be transferred when held a few centimeters from each other.
Which is better NFC or Bluetooth?
NFC tends to be more secure than Bluetooth, as it operates on a shorter range allowing for a more stable connection. Therefore, NFC tends to be a better solution for crowded and busy places, where a lot of different devices are trying to communicate with each other, creating signal interference.
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