Introducing the FC Safety Shield ®
The Revolutionary NFC (Near Field Communications) tool designed to help you manage and maintain compliance worldwide.
Instant Asset Inspection
The technology in the NFC Chip that is contained in the FC Safety Shield allows for registering an inspection, without the need for an app.
Expiration Data Notifications
Ensuring that your expiring items are kept current and viable, we can track important safety dates alerting your users when to replace.
Easily Reorder Supplies
A convenient feature that allows your inspectors to easily reorder items that are needed where it's needed, at your safety asset.
Geocoded for Compliance
Unlike bar codes or QR codes, the NFC tag ensures that your inspections are taking place where your FC Safety Shield is attached to your safety asset.
Robust Backend Reporting
Our system escalates any out of compliance situation to those that need to know so quick action can be taken and out of compliance corrected.
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